About Gato Negro: contemporary textile jewelry designed in Costa Rica

Gato Negro is a Costa Rican brand of contemporary textile jewelry, inspired by artisanal techniques and the organic textures of upcycled materials.

We work mainly with leather, wool, cotton and bronze. From necklaces and rings to keychains, each piece tells a story that brings us closer to the Costa Rican identity, a true reflection of the wealth of our country.

We admire Costa Rica’s rich artisanal heritage, the simplicity of our materials and the paradise in which we live. These each serve as a creative engine and source of inspiration.

We believe in generating value chains with the people that work alongside us, to bring you sustainable designs that share the wonderful essence of Costa Rica.

"In my view materials speak volumes, and the techniques we use are closely intertwined with them, giving life to unique and innovative pieces that pair the Costa Rican identity with environmental awareness."

Rebeca Zamora, Gato Negro designer