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Collar ajustable hecho de retazos de cuero, cubos de color negro y rollitos color salmón con cordón en cuero café
Cubos necklace orange and honey leather beads - local design
Cubos necklace salmon and black leather beads - local design
Cubos necklace peach and turquoise leather beads - local design
Detail of peach and turquoise leather cubes and rolls
Detail of necklace clasp
Cubos necklace, honey and orange leather rolls and cubes
Cubos necklace, salmon and black leather rolls and cubes
Cubos necklace, peach and turquoise leather rolls and cubes
Cubos necklaces, the three combination of colors
Model with Cubos peach and turquoise necklace

Leather CUBOS Necklace

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This stunning leather boho necklace will not go unnoticed. Brighten up your days with an unusual set of shapes and colors... that's the magic of this handmade necklace, which is perfect for an evening outfit!

The CUBOS necklace was a great creative bet taken by the innovative Rebeca Zamora, born from her desire to make her own beads and transform small pieces of leather into 3D shapes. Rebecca believes that we can all develop creativity and that we can meet our inner artists by simply letting our creativity flow!

This handmade leather necklace is adjustable, you can wear it short or long. Each cube and roll is made one by one, handmade by Rebeca. By wearing this necklace, you are the ultimate expression of handmade artistry.

This CUBOS necklace is available in the following combinations:

  • Turquoise - Peach

  • Honey - Orange

  • Black - Salmon

Necklace Features:

  • Handmade necklace of Costa Rican design.

  • Materials: Leather

  • Necklace dimensions: 43.5cm of length. Leather rolls: 2 cm x 1,3 cm. Leather cubes: 2 cm x 2 cm.

  • Packaging: Bag made of cotton scraps, labels are made from eco-friendly paper.

  • Textures and tones may look slightly different compared to photographs.

  • Care: Clean the leather necklace with a dry cloth. Never wet or immerse in water. Store in a clean, cool and dry place.

  • Limited edition.

* Shipping cost included for Costa Rica.

Do you know about our leather manufacturing techniques and how we reclaim materials to give them a new life, with upcycling and local design? Gato Negro is a Costa Rican design company, zero waste since 2008 zero waste.

Enjoy all the handmade necklaces designed by Gato Negro.

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