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Rebeca Zamora, designer of Gato Negro Costa Rica

Hi there! I’m Rebe Zamora, the creative hands behind Gato Negro. 

As a publicist-turned-designer, I've now spent 10 wonderful years working on Gato Negro, a project that has become my main source of work, launching 11 years ago within the Costa Rican market.

I love to learn; I feel it is the best gift we can give ourselves. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and collaborating with other artisans. Collaborative work means everything to me, with its incredible learning opportunities and invaluable creative potential.

Through Gato Negro I want people to see, find and experience each piece, feeling a close connection to each piece’s rich artisanal and technical designs, which are heavily impacted by the Costa Rican influence and our sustainable design techniques.

From playing with materials as a child, I often created new things, either with paper or other materials, inventing and fashioning games that let my imagination run free. Since then, creating new things with my hands has accompanied me throughout the past 36 years.

In my view, materials speak volumes, and the techniques we use are closely intertwined with them, giving life to unique and innovative pieces that pair the Costa Rican identity with environmental awareness.

- Rebe Zamora. Thanks for visiting!

Rebeca Zamora - Costa Rican Designer