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Green, how I want you green

“Green, how I want you green” was well said by Federico García Lorca in his poem “Sleepwalking Romance”. For me this is more than just a phrase, it is an expression and a feeling.

Through almost all this pandemic year in Central America, after months of confinement and lockdown, my body started to express and crave green. It wanted to see, breathe, feel, touch and be surrounded by nature’s green power. Has that happened to you?

Well, thanks to the pandemic safety measures that Costa Rica has set in place, during August 2020 I had the opportunity of taking a short vacation in the middle of the mountain.

I was super excited to return to one of my favorite spots in Costa Rica, known as the Saints Zone: Santa María de Dota, a famous place for having the best Costarrican coffee you can drink, proudly produced in our country. It is sooooo good.

The best part of it is that it is super easy to arrive by bus and very close if you are in San José. I live in Heredia and it was an hour and a half drive. Actually it took us longer to arrive because we made a stop to have lunch in a restaurant with typical food, where dishes are amazing and with an outstanding COVID-19 protocol (hand sanitizer, face masks and constant hand washing are now our best friends). Prices are super affordable, but the weather and the mountain views are the best part of it.

This holiday meant three full days of being disconnected from my mobile, where I woke up everyday in a cabin surrounded by silence and the only nearby sounds were the rain and the birds, whenever there was a little bit of sunshine. Once, there was a huge storm that brought intense rain, cold and mist, creating a special magic upon the millions of greenish tonalities that embrace this marvellous area.

I spent my days fulfilling my green thirst, drinking coffee, walking through mountain roads, breathing mountain’s pure air, admiring the rain, the waterfalls and vegetation. Everything I needed to recharge my batteries and clean my energy. Nothing best that nature itself, you always find answers in mother nature.

So if your body craves green, give green to it. Nature is wise and cures everything. Here in Costa Rica there is a looooot of biodiversity to hug, enjoy and embrace.

P.S.: If you click on the link below you can continue reading some important Costarrican news that make me very happy. Our country is creating natural urbal parks so we can recover a little bit of forest directly in our city in order to improve our health.

See you soon!


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