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How #momentosluz was born?

Let me introduce you my #momentosluz travel partners, Tobías and Tomás, father and son, the loves of my life.

When we go out for a stroll, it is a time that we grant just for the three of us, to enjoy time with ourselves and to do some therapy together. For me, walking down the streets with them, is not only a time to be with them, but to connect with myself. If you are lucky enough to have a pet, such as a cat or a dog, they are also part of your family. I’m not sure if the same happens to you, but around them there are no negative feelings, just light and love. Feelings that I’d like to cherish every single day of my life. Animals are creatures with the utmost purity, they feed me by making me laugh, by talking to each other and by fulfilling me with energy.

You may be wondering why I introduce all of this and it is because thanks to them #momentosluz was born. In my ecommerce website you can see #momentosluz embodied in upcycled leather keychains. But there was a time well before #momentosluz, when I grew and learnt from myself, from my achievements and failures. Throughout all of this I listened and followed my intuition very carefully, especially towards where I’m heading.

Every time I experience #momentosluz I put it down into writing and I start meditating about it. It was then, that I realized I could share this with everyone each Monday on Gato Negro’s social media. I’m uncertain of how many years I will be able to share this with others, but I initially started this so people could stop hating Mondays. In this way, Mondays have a new purpose, a true meaning to start the week, putting your foot down on it, as we say in Costa Rica.

One day while I was strolling with Tobías and Tomás I started thinking about #momentosluz as a project and I thought how I could share it with everyone, not to hold it just for myself. And then, boom, the idea was born! Embodied in keychains because keys open important doors in our lives, everyday, such as your home, your car, your office. Keys open many many doors and we never want to lose them because we use them everyday. That’s why #momentosluz was embodied in keychains, to bring us down to earth and keep us connected.

Due to COVID-19 I started sharing #momentosluz on an everyday basis, because in such a hard year, we all need light, faith, love and the willingness to keep up. So if you’re scanning through Instagram, check Gato Negro’s everyday stories where a special #momentosluz is waiting for you. If you like it, share it.


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