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How to combine fashion necklaces on prints?

You want to wear a printed blouse but you are not sure whether to add a necklace to it, has it happened to you?

I'm going to share some tips that I hope will be very useful to combine necklaces with printed blouses.

It is important to take into account the lines of your blouse, that is, if the type of pattern is geometric or linear, it is good to combine it with necklaces that have angles or straight lines, but if on the contrary, it is a flower pattern, a necklace with curves or in the same floral line, without a doubt, it combines very well. So, take note, necklaces go very well when they highlight the shapes of the clothes you are going to wear.

Now, you might be wondering, but what did the patterned blouse or necklace stand out for? I personally believe that it is a matter of taking risks and playing with your creativity. Lately I have ventured on this path and I really like combining prints with necklaces, seeing the interplay of textures, colors, shapes and breaking schemes, I love it, but of course, it took me a while to feel confident, to find my style and comfortable doing it, so then, to start exploring your creativity, I recommend that if your blouse is very striking, you can wear a neutral-colored necklace, so you can have a balance between both pieces and start playing.

And finally, what do I do with the cleavage? Easy, depending on the neckline of your blouse, so will the necklace you are going to wear, what does this mean? Well, if it is a V-shaped blouse, V-shaped or peak necklaces of different lengths will combine very well or if it is a round neckline, a short necklace at chest height will steal glances.

Always take into account that necklaces complement your entire outfit and that having necklaces to which you can adjust their length, according to the one you like the most and depending on your clothes is the key to having suitable pieces in your wardrobe and achieving different looks with the same jewelry piece.

Here I share our options for adjustable necklaces that can be the beginning of your creative exploration with your clothes. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

The necklaces used in this entry are the Leather Fringe Necklace, Nudos Necklace, Helena Necklace, Leather Cubos Necklace and Sol Necklace


  • LOVE this article!! Great pairings of necklaces and prints, really classy!

    Leslie Trotter
  • LOVE this article!! Great pairings of necklaces and prints, really classy!

    Leslie Trotter

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