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How to combine timeless clothes with handmade jewelry?

That the pandemic is not an excuse to look untidy, especially if you still work from home!

Choose your most comfortable, timeless garments and let the contemporary jewelry complete your outfit. Here I share some tips to combine handmade jewelry with timeless clothes in a very simple way.
At this point it is important to think about making it simple but meaningful, or well, I like to think of it that way, so practicality with style is always present even if I am working in the workshop at home.
Your contemporary textile jewelry pieces are a great help to complement your looks, but above all of them, the necklace is essential, because when we add it to our outfit it changes completely. Now, when using handmade necklaces, you should take into account not to overload your look, because the main idea is that the necklace looks like an attractive and elegant accessory.
Necklaces are the perfect option for any outfit and even more so when we have timeless or basic garments to which we want to give a more modern touch. Incorporating necklaces is a great strategy to show off your timeless or basic garments with style.
The timeless or basic pieces, as their name suggests, are essential garments that you must have in your closet, that you can use on any occasion and that help to complement your look.
Sometimes a white t-shirt is functional but we see it and we believe that it lacks something to stand out, so if you add a necklace, for example, multicolored, you will have an original, attractive and easy to achieve look.
For sunnier days, combine a timeless neutral gray blouse, you can pair it with shorts, a skirt or skinny jeans, which together with a necklace full of color, shapes and textures will have an incredible look.
And last but not least, it does not matter if what you are wearing is the best combination of colors, textures and materials if you do not feel comfortable in it. Always look for pieces of your style. If what is fashionable at the moment, you don't like it, it doesn't matter, a good tip is to combine more timeless garments with other more special or specific ones to your style. Each of us has her own style and the important thing is that we know what we like and what we don't.
The designer necklaces used in these photographs can be found here: BOHO Necklace, Etnia Necklace, Cleo Necklace and Cubos Necklace.
The timeless pieces used in the photographs are from the wonderful contemporary Costa Rican brand Austére.

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