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What is a STATEMENT necklace?

Today I want to tell you about its meaning and how a statement, oversize or extra-large necklace can make your days more practical. A statement necklace is that big, pompous piece that draws attention, highlighting your outfit.

The statement necklace is strong and powerful, so if you decide to use it, be sure that it will become the star of your look. Every woman who loves fashion definitely has one in her jewelry box.

This part is my favorite, did you know that "Statement" translates to declaration. I love this, because I have always thought that such a striking or filling necklace, as many of us say here, is an expression of our authenticity and that is exalted, worn with love and pride.

In addition, being such striking pieces, they are ideal for day-to-day wear, to be worn over clothing, tone on tone, colorful, with basics, anything, the options that you can imagine and put together. Just keep in mind that the intention of a statement necklace is to highlight your face, assert yourself and stand out.

So the next time you feel like you don't know what to wear, remember that your statement necklace is a great ally to stand out. Tell me here, what did you think of this info and if you want more tips like these, here I will read and talk to you.

In the photographs I used the Coral necklace in two tones, in colors and the Sara necklace in green.

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