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Pura Vida

  • What is a STATEMENT necklace?

    Today I want to tell you about its meaning and how a statement, oversize or extra-large necklace can make your days more practical.
  • How to combine timeless clothes with handmade jewelry?

    Choose your most comfortable, timeless garments and let the jewelry complete your outfit. Here I share some tips to combine handmade jewelry with timeless clothes in a very simple way.
  • How to combine fashion necklaces on prints?

    You want to wear a printed blouse but you are not sure whether to add a necklace to it, has it happened to you?
  • Green, how I want you green

    So if your body craves green, give green to it. Nature is wise and cures everything. Here in Costa Rica there is a looooot of biodiversity to hug, enjoy and embrace.
  • How #momentosluz was born?

    But there was a time well before #momentosluz, when I grew and learnt from myself, from my achievements and failures. Throughout all of this I listened and followed my intuition very carefully, especially towards where I’m heading.
  • Pura Vida Lifestyle

    My goal from Pura Vida is to share what we do from this side of the world,
    what enriches us culturally, what should you visit if you have the opportunity of
    travelling to Costa Rica, what makes us Pura Vida and how we can talk about
    sustainable design and more.